Diana Sousa – Infraspeak

I had the pleasure of working closely with Toby during our time at Infraspeak, a startup revolutionising maintenance management through its intelligent maintenance management platform.

In our dynamic Growth team, focused on product marketing, Toby served as a guardian of our product positioning. He played a pivotal role in helping develop the product messaging, orchestrate impactful product campaigns, refine our brand positioning, and deliver the launch of new features.

His creative flair and resourcefulness are remarkable. Furthermore, I observed him mature into a highly effective executor capable of managing priorities and deadlines, and consistently delivering exceptional work.

A true team player, Toby approaches his responsibilities with empathy, proactivity, and humility. Despite the demanding workload and pressure for results, he never hesitated to extend a helping hand, whether it was an extra translation request, a review for a colleague from another department, or valuable advice for a team member.

I must highlight his initiative in spearheading a best practices sharing moments focused on improving written and spoken English within the team. His tips and guidance were incredibly beneficial, reflecting his commitment to the collective growth and success of the team.

In summary, working alongside Toby was not only professionally rewarding but also enjoyable. His positive attitude, dedication, and willingness to contribute to the success of the team made a significant impact. I wholeheartedly recommend Toby as a valuable asset to any team or project.