My dream is to work in tech4good or somewhere impactful as a copywriter/creative. Dreams don’t come true though and for now I am in corporate sales! This website is my outlet.

I am first and foremost a writer. Whilst my favourite texts engage, entice and are hopefully humorous, I also have experience in producing more corporate texts. Ultimately I believe the following: Nobody likes to be sold to, and it has become abundantly clear that good content marketing is the way forward for this.

As well as writing, I am a translator. My 1st class degree in Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish, Portuguese and French) has provided me with a theoretical and practical grounding in translation.

I have worked in London, Mexico City, Porto and Geneva for a personal branding agency, a market-entry consultancy, a tech startup and a human rights think tank.

Here is my latest CV in English and Spanish. Please contact me to discuss my experience and work.