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It is finally here. I have harped on about starting this little blog for a very long while to anyone unfortunate enough to mention the word ‘food’ to me. It was a meal in a restaurant I enjoyed last night that convinced me to actually start it, you will have to wait for another post to find out what it was that I ate last night… (I am awful! I know). So what restaurant is lucky enough to be the topic of my first blog post? Pi Shop.

You have to get the Margz. It is a crime to choose something else, it just is. Simplicity embodies Italian cuisine, and this Margz is almost arrogant in her simplicity. She mugs off even the best pizzas.  It is just a gem. It is genuinely, with no shadow of a doubt, the best pizza I have ever had. It is simple. It is clean. The dough is soft, deep, robust and flavoursome and has those gorgeous little burnt things you get on a fancy pizza that a Pizza Hut pizza just cannot replicate. The waiter who served me my last pizza, which I enjoyed a few weeks ago, gave some interesting insight into the complexity of making a good pizza phenomenal. The chemistry involved, the precision required and the passion shown in each of Pi Shop’s pizza crusts is noticeable. Get the dip because it is divine, but also it gives no excuse to those that normally leave the crusts to leave the crusts. The tomato sauce does bits and bobs that you hope and expect all decent pizza sauce to do, but never manages to achieve. It is sweet but not sickly and when coupled with the mozz, which is a whole blog post in itself, the acidity is neutralised by the creamiest most luxurious mozz you will ever sample in the UK.

Pi Shop is owned by the fantastic and fascinating Sanchez brothers, owners of  Michelin starred Casamia, an exciting British fusion menu that has achieved various rewards in the last year, and Paco’s, another restaurant with an illusive *. All three of these restaurants are located in a gorgeous cove-like building on the harbour hidden off from the noise of the city and the smokey-Adidas murmurs of the university. It is stylish, smart and very Bristol. The waiting staff are phenomenally well informed and help to create a fine dining experience at Pi Shop that is obviously a residue from the starry eyed big brothers on either side of  the pizzeria. The beer and wine list is cheap and enticing. The g&t’s are creative and well advertised on their insta, I haven’t had one but I suggest you try one. The menu is straightforward and nicely presented.

My verdict is thus: just go. It is worth £8.50 (since, the price has gone up a wee bit. Still worth it!= to go try any pizza that anyone thinks may be the “best” one they have ever had. There is nothing to lose. For me, this is a unique restaurant in Bristol, one that is overlooked by other established locals like Bosco, Pizza Workshop etc. This is just different. I thank my big bro for taking me there when he was in town for some work because ever since, my cheese cravings have been affordably resolved by Pi Shop.

My first blog post is complete :D. What you will realise is this is basically just a space for me to rant and rave about how much I like food and give you all a few ideas of where to go. Do not expect beautiful literature, just prepare for a couple of jokes, a few interesting facts about the relatively cool city of Bristol and not much else! Cheers for reading guys. The next post will be on the noodle paradise that is………

Details of restaurant:
The General, 3 Lower Guinea St, Bristol BS1 6FU (sort of near the M Shed) 0117 925 6872 thepishop.co.uk

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  1. I'm going to try this. I have been to Casamia a few times, both in its current location and where it began. So those guys doing pizza, well it has to be special.

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